Face and neck lift

A neck lift and a face lift are often performed at the same time. In this way, we achieve a beautifully complete effect. Surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck significantly reduces the signs of ageing. During the surgery, the skin is tightened and excess skin is removed. The procedure takes approximately four to five hours. The client can choose local or general anaesthesia. He or she can usually be discharged the next day after the surgery. The stitches are removed after five to ten days. Bruising and swelling disappear within two to three weeks. Scars remain hidden in invisible places. The result of the face and neck lift is long-lasting. Depending on the client’s age, it lasts between five and ten years.

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Length of the procedure

4 – 5 hours



Discharge from the clinic

1 day

Removal of stitches

5 – 10 days


Hidden scars, swelling, and bruising that disappear after 2 – 3 weeks