Forehead and brow lift

Forehead lift and brow lift are very effective procedures. They help to achieve a fresh and youthful appearance of the upper face. During the treatment, wrinkles are smoothed and droopy brows are lifted. A forehead and brow lift is often combined with eyelid surgery. A forehead and brow lift takes one to one and a half hours. It is performed under local or general anaesthesia. The client can be discharged to home care the next day after the procedure. Stitches are removed after ten to fourteen days. Swelling and bruising disappear after ten to fourteen days. The scars are absolutely hidden. The surgery has a long-lasting effect.

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Length of the procedure

60 – 120 minutes



Discharge from the clinic

1 day

Removal of stitches

10 – 14 dní


Hidden scars, swelling, and bruising that disappear after 2 – 3 weeks