Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer

Aesthetic treatment of the hands with the client’s adipose tissue is one of the forms of lipofilling. It consists of liposuction, or suction of a small amount of adipose tissue from thighs or lower abdomen, its purification, and subsequent application to the subcutaneous tissue of the back of the hands. This procedure restores a youthful appearance to the hands and overlays the protruding tendons, bones and blood vessels. The surgery of back of the hands takes an hour to an hour and a half and it is performed under local anaesthesia. The client can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure. Absorbable suture material is used. Minor swelling and bruising disappear after one to two weeks. A certain amount of the injected adipose tissue is absorbed, so the procedure needs to be repeated after approximately three to six months. The final effect then lasts for a long time.

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Length of the procedure

60 – 90 minutes



Discharge from the clinic


Removal of stitches



Swelling and bruising that disappear after 1 – 2 weeks