Lip augmentation

The procedure is designed especially for clients who have naturally thin lips or whose lips begin to sag due to the age. With the surgery, we can achieve greater volume and a more youthful appearance of the lips. There are several lip augmentation procedures. The suitable approach for a particular client will be determined during a personal consultation. Most often we use the revolutionary Lip Lift method, also known as lip-lifting. This modern method involves the application of the client’s own adipose tissue. The length of the procedure does not take longer than one hour. It is performed under local anaesthesia. The client can go home immediately after the surgery. The stitches are removed after ten days. The swelling disappears within two days. Bruising disappears within five days.

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Length of the procedure

max. 60 minutes



Discharge from the clinic


Removal of stitches

10 days


Swelling that disappears within 2 days, bruising within 5 days